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I'm Cassandra and my family and I live in the Taranaki region.

I realised I enjoyed building websites when I was studying the Diploma in Information and Communication Technology.

I was hired to build a website for a client through Student Job Search, loved it and have been doing it ever since! As the technology is always changing, I am constantly learning new techniques and keeping up with the new designs.

The internet is a wonderful thing that connects me to business owners all over New Zealand. I am able to have some really great relationships with my clients, yet am able to work remotely. I appreciate being able to stay home for my family.

I feel blessed to be able to be doing the job that I really enjoy. I love working with my clients and have had some of them for more than 15 years.

I love the feeling of being able to help people achieve their goal of getting their business online - and for an affordable price.

My Aim

  • Clear Navigation
  • Readable Text
  • No Clutter
  • Quality Graphics
  • Fast Loading Times
  • Custom Designs
  • Modern Layouts
  • Friendly Service
  • Good Pricing
  • Happy Customers

My Standards

The qualities I aim for when building websites are clear navigation, easy to read with well chosen fonts and background colours, avoiding clutter, a balance between high quality graphics and page speed and prompt delivery of work.

I keep you up-to-date with the progress of the site during the design and construction. I won't go ahead with any design until you're completely satisfied. My goal is to create something you are happy with and excited about.

I deliver custom work with good pricing, friendly service and customers that are happy with their websites.