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Services Information

I have a simple procedure:

Requirements: You tell me your needs in a website.
Domain and Hosting: I set up the domain name and web hosting server.
Content: You provide me with your logo, pictures, text.
Layout: You can tell me your vision, link to me a website you love the look of or I can make some suggestions.
Preview: I upload the work in progress for you to view.
Edits: I tailor the look of the website according to your preferences.
Final Version: Once you are happy with the design, I create the working website.
Payment: You pay on completion.
Go Live: I upload to web host.

All the details on the services I provide are listed here:


A Home page is your main page or front page. It usually contains an introduction, features, news or any other important information you want your user to see when they first land on your page.

Contact Page

Contains your contact details - address, phone numbers, email and a Google Map if appropriate.

You can add a contact form instead of email to make your contact page user-friendly and keep bots from spamming your inbox.

Website Pages

Fill your website with your site pages such as an About page, Products page, Services page, Gallery.
Draw a site map, so you can plan how many pages you need and write your content (text and images) for them.

More planning tips here

Optimised Website Pages

All of the pages in the website are designed to be search-engine-friendly. On-page search engine optimisation is optimisation of the site pages for your relevant keywords within the content and within the website's code. This is so that your website has a better chance coming up in searches for the keywords you want people to find you for. Where your website will be found in the search engines will depend on how much competition there is and how precise the search is.

Keyword analysis in Google Keyword Planner - What people are searching
Optimisation of the keywords in the meta data (within the site code) - descriptions and titles
Optimisation of the keywords in the content, headings, image tags
URLs optimised with keywords

More optimisation services here (for when after site is up)

Content Updates / Maintenance

This includes updating headings, text, optimising pictures for web and uploading them, adding pictures to a gallery or any other adjustments needed.

The most efficient way to send me updates is by emailing me the full replacement paragraph(s) in a document, so I can quickly and easily copy/paste without making any errors. Images are best sent in the original sizes that I can then optimise to the appropriate size/dimensions necessary for the website. If you need to send large image files or a large amount of images, consider using a file sharing service such as WeTransfer or Dropbox.

Boost Search Ranking

Technical SEO:
Google Search Console Setup
Google Analytics Setup
SSL certificate
Caching enabled
XML sitemap set up and submitted to Google
Robots.txt set up
Structured data

Local SEO:
Google Maps - My Business Setup
Directory Submissions

On-Page SEO:
Image compression and resizing
Custom 404 page
60-70 character meta title with keywords
150-160 character meta description with keywords
HTML validation
Broken link checking
Link Exchange page
Descriptive alt text for each image
Header tags
Mobile-friendly design

Search Engine Optimisation Maintenance

SEO Maintenance includes:
Link building
Article Posting
On-page SEO
Monthly Reports

Web Hosting

Web hosting services work by providing high-powered computers (web servers) with a high-speed network for your website to live on. You pay a fee to rent a space on these servers that will connect your website to the internet.

Hosting servers renew annually. This needs to be done before the website starts development.

Domain Name

A domain name is the name you register for your website address. Example:

Most New Zealand businesses use the suffix .nz or, which is a local domain. Most international or US businesses use the suffix .com, which is a global domain.

You can search for available domain names with a domain provider and can register it for 1-9 years at a time. This needs to be done before the website starts development.

Business Card Design

I can design a business card design to match your website, with the same graphics and colour scheme to provide consistency within your brand.

When you get a logo designed, you receive files suitable for web and files suitable for print. I have a large collection of vector images for implementation in your design. If you want specific elements/icons I don't have, you can browse Pixabay, DepositPhotos or VectorStock and I can purchase them to use.

I can also create a complimentary social media cover/profile images using your logo.

Web Form

Web forms provide an easy way for your website users to send their details to your email.

Add one to your contact page to make it user-friendly, protect from spam and clients will email straight into your inbox, not your junk mail folder. You can use forms for newsletter sign-ups, registrations, surveys, feedback, bookings, orders. You can even receive attachments and payments.

Slider / Carousel

A slider rotates a selection of slides on your homepage to show off your high-quality images or your important messages.


When you add a picture gallery to your page, your users can click on the thumbnails to bring up the full size pictures.

When creating a gallery, my services include thumbnail creation, optimisation of the images for web. Optimising pictures for web will make them load faster and they sometimes need renaming for clarity and internet usability.

If on a search-optimised page, I will rename files with descriptive 'Google-friendly' names and add descriptive alt tags to each one.

Visitor Tracker

I can create you an account with Statcounter, where you have comprehensive statistics on your visitors. You can view traffic numbers, see which pages they are visiting and see where they are referred from.

Mobile-Friendly Design

New Zealand affordable web design - Peregrine Web - Mobile Friendly on Devices

I use responsive design for all my sites. The site is optimised to be used in mobile, tablet and pc screens. So, no matter what size screen you're viewing it from, it will fit the screen and be readable and usable.

It's important to have a mobile-friendly site for SEO, as it is a ranking factor for Google's mobile searches. Mobile-friendly sites are shown before other sites.

Google Map

Google maps show your customers exactly where your business is located. They can zoom in and out and look at the surrounding area. No need for you to provide your own map when you can have your very own google map on your website.

Social Buttons

Links to your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be added to your page. They typically go in your header ot footer of each page and with your contact information.

Tab/Bookmark Icon

This is the little icon that appears in the address bar and bookmark menu in your browser.  Fav Icon

Google Submission

New websites will show up on Google within a couple of weeks.

To get a good starting position in Google's ranking, the site needs to be search-optimised.


Your chosen keywords are entered into the site's meta tags and help with search engine optimisation. I also add your site description, which is visible in searches.

Google Keyword Planner

Stock Photos

I have a selection of stock photos and illustrations for all sorts of industries that I can use for your site. They can give a professional look to a website. If you want to shop for your own stock photos, you could visit:
DepositPhotos or Pixabay.